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Healing is a journey rather than a destination. Healing is a partnership between the individual seeking healing and the healer. It is vitally important the client feel a trust relationship with the healer. Healing is not something that is "done" Read More ...

Pottery Shows:


Loring Park Art Festival 2016, Booth 114

Minneapolis, MN

July 30/31 2016   Sioux City Art Center's ArtSplash 2016 September 3/4 Sioux City, Iowa   Edwards Place Fine Art Fair 2016 September 17/18 2016       Read More ...

Distance Healing

Fundamentally, the process is exactly the same in distance healing as that used when the client and healer work in person. Distance work is accomplished through the healer connecting with the client's life force and obtaining permission from the Read More ...


Each piece of horse hair pottery is one-of-a-kind and made by hand on the potter's wheel or hand built. The clay body is a recipe I worked to develop over a ten year period. It has a porcelain quality and Read More ...

During a Treatment

  • First, the individual remains clothed except for shoes, eye glasses, watch, and any bulky jewelry or belts.
  • Second, the client's role is to be an open participant and to relax and allow.
  • Third, a light touch is used on the Read More ...

7 Feathers is a holistic approach to influencing balanced health and well-being of people and animals that is based in American Indian philosophy and practice.  This type of energy medicine helps to restore balance to the four bodies of each individual:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Imbalances can occur due to:  stress, grief, chronic or acute pain, illness, surgery, and medical treatments.  No blame is or should be attached to imbalance.  Focus is on improvement.

There are many “mind-body” programs but very few therapeutic services that seek to support all four bodies simultaneously.  One’s spirit is the key to ongoing balance and well-being.  Learn how to connect with the Earth to stay grounded, how to “give away” pain to be neutralized, and how to enhance one’s health.

This is a “simple” process that is very complicated.  It uses quantum healing to bring one’s energy system into balance along with simple strategies anyone can choose to use to maintain that balance.  Healing is a journey not a destination but it is also a choice.  We have choices available from which we can take advantage to help ourselves.  Learn how you can use them to help yourself to experience the healthiest world for you.

Pottery – I make pottery that can be used to aid in one’s spiritual journey.  Prayer pots are designed to hold and offer one’s prayers.  Blessing bowls are used to fill with blessings for oneself or loved ones.  Animal spirit pots are used to enhance meditation as well as to learn how to communicate with one’s spirit animals and guides.  Please feel free to look at the gallery and ask any questions.  Custom made pots are available with or without one’s own horse hair.



Molly Dodd
Date: Apr 29, 2012

Dr. Joyce Surbeck-Harris is such a wonderful blessing! My family and I have been seeing Joyce for a few years and have been able to get relief from stress, anxiety, and back/shoulder problems. I personally had such terrible back and pelvic pain that I would have to miss work on occasion. Thanks...

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Disclaimer:  7 Feathers is not a replacement for traditional allopathic or veterinary treatment or procedures and does not diagnose.  This is a complementary, holistic private practice.